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Soft kisses slowly become more passionate and intense with each passing second.

“Please, Hannah,” It hurts so bad that I wanted her to stop, but I loved it at the same time. Then she stopped and laughed such a wicked but seductive laugh.While laying awaiting across in their beds, visions of dildos and cocks danced through their heads. I love the way I look, turning to the side so that I could see my matching red lace thong and lace bra that fit me so perfectly. I start cupping a handful of water and let it go on my breasts.Their eyes closed as they touched and lingered, moaning softly with hopes their pussies would soon be fingered. I can feel the water run down my chest to my stomach.The fucked all night and into the day, screaming and moaning and spreading for toys, while shouting out… My bras are all nestled together, and my panties are folded perfectly.You know which of my dresses need to go to the dry cleaners and which you can launder.

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